Games I’ve made

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You can see and buy the games I’ve made at the following places:

Board Games (on The Game Crafter)


Stolen Hearts – 4-6 player party game for lovers and liars


Stolen Hearts was an official selection of Indiecade 2017!


Trick Shots – 3-5 player trick-taking game with unique challenges for the players to complete

Video Games (on


Beep Toot – Game made for the 1 button jam. The goal was to make a game only using one button for input. It’s a rhythm game where you’re a traffic cop tooting your whistle in response to the beeping cars.


Boom Bap – Music toy, it goes Boom and Bap.


Lost At Sea Game made for bitjam. The goal was to make a game with only one “bit” of feedback, a dark or light screen/pixel. Features Morse code and a sad story.

Other Work:

Playology is a video series I create for Meeple Mountain diving into the historical, cultural, and scientific aspects of board games.


I also wrote an article called Fog of Love and the Gay Option about my experience playing Fog of Love as a queer person, and the state of queer representation in board games.